The Bourdeau Home story began by a simple bloom of inspiration. A beautiful concept of cross-pollination came to mind- a tribute to the romantic constellation of flora and fauna. Fantasized and enveloped within a moment that transcends into the senses. Our raw materials are meticulously mined and harvested to yield the finest. Our heritage remains ever changing yet remains to steadily invite our tradition to translate harmoniously into all creative processes. To this we say - Be Home. Be Suite. 


With our latest collection, in an effort to reduce waste and keep our carbon footprint small, please use the marble coaster provided and place it at the base of your candle. Once the candle is fully burned, the coaster can be repurposed for future use. Each burn promises an experience for the senses while bringing you the finest, organic and earth-friendly scented candles. We are the new standard in luxury home decor.