Gift Set (2)

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Light a candle and embark on a journey of relaxation where enchanting scents transport you to your happy place.

Bourdeau Home's new "Twist of Fate" collection of luxury candles tell a story of two lovers whose destinies are forever intertwined. The scents embody their passion with notes like orchid, iris and jasmine. Set the mood and fill the room with notes of floral and osmanthus pear. With a unique design, these candles will make a statement in any space as a bold expression of love and desire. 

Trace of intoxication 

Fall in love with this intoxicating blend of floral notes like orchid and jasmine paired with elegant and sensual notes like cashmere and sandalwood. Think of your lover as you add fire to this scent. 

Blushing Rose 

Escape into an enchanted garden filled with rose bushes and lemon trees as you add fire to this scent. Breathe in deeply as the notes  dance beneath your nose. 

Marble candle base

In an effort to reduce waste and keep our carbon footprint small, please use the marble coaster provided and place it at the base of your candle.  Once the candle is fully burned, the coaster can be repurposed for future use. 


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